"One day we will dance in celebration.

Until then we will dance for a cure." 

I was first exposed to THON through my older sister, and as a sophomore in high school I had the incredible opportunity to support her when she danced for Penn State Law. I was left speechless after the bright lights, loud music, high energy, and pure love from all 16,500 volunteers in the middle of the night all FTK.

Upon returning home from my first THON weekend, I knew I had to get more involved. So, I got some of my friends together and we began the process of starting our own event. After many months of meetings, planning, and late nights, North Penn High School hosted its first Mini-THON in April of 2016. We fundraised just over $35,000, but more importantly were able to spread THON's mission to over 3,000 students, their families, and our local community. 

When I finally came to Penn State, I joined Springfield where I got to meet some of my best friends, go canning, and get to know four incredible Four Diamond families. My experiences with Springfield helped to further shape my understanding of THON and inspire me through it all. I have learned that THON is not just an event held every February— it’s love, hope, support, and so much more no matter the circumstance.

Fast forward five years, and I am now lucky enough to serve as the Donor & Alumni Relations Development Director. In this role, I work closely with THON's partners and stakeholders to spread our mission and empower volunteers to take action in the fight here in State College and around the world. 

We all have the opportunity each and every day to make an impact in the lives of those fighting childhood cancer, both big and small, emotionally or financially, and that to me is the magic of THON. 

                 "Growing up is a beautiful thing. Let's fight for it."

FTK Always,




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