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Date Event
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Abigail Roe and Paige MacConnell
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Addison Lindberg and Nathan Williams
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Alana Joachim and Julie Gillet
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Alexandra Fink & Gino Pezzone
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Alexandra Frole and Cecilia Mabilais-Estevez
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Alexis Lambert and Austin Light
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Alison Kelly and Abbey Martin
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Allison Banavitch and Dustin Mintzer
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Alyssa Kleiner and Allie Stern
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Alyssa Samborsky and Lilian Diefes
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Andrew Ramirez & Sarah Steele
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Anna Gabriel and Stephanie Loesch
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Anthony Giameo and Caroline Gackenbach
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Ashlee Bacvinskas & Hannah Lynes
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Ashley Novotny and Brianne DeGore
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Aspen Alexander and Jen Snyder
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Bailey Hakala and Kiera Pawlikowsky
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Ben Johnson & Paige Savard
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Ben Raeder and Josh Maurer
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Bennett Massie and Dalton Kramer
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Bianca Quattrocchi and Jenna Mackoff
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Brendan Carse and Trevor Jones
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Brenna Pribanic and Lauren Lipson
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Brian Monahan and Daniel Lowry
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Bridget Hughes and Brynne Moser
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Brittany Bolla and Lisa Livote
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Brooke Zeigler and Hannah Strzelec
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Callahan Miller and Hannah George
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Camryn McCabe and Daniel Reinert
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Cara Perrotti & Jon Ringenbach
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Cari Moffitt & Jacqueline Lieberman
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Carli Arena and Meghan Summers
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Carly Kelly and Lauren Dempsey
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Cassandra Caruso and Jordan Bibb
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Chelsey Bunner and Megan Reese
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Club Curling
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Colin Moran & Dillon Kelly
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Corrie Haiko and Bridget Garrity
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Danielle Crossin and Taylor Connor
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Danielle Haneman and Ciara Henschke
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Danielle Weinberg and Melissa Fair
2019/02/1502/15/2019 DMAIG: James Frisbie & Brooke Frisbie
2019/02/1502/15/2019 DMAIG: Josh Mairose & Trish Duffy
2019/02/1502/15/2019 DMAIG: Joyce Wu & Justine Belschner
2019/02/1502/15/2019 DMAIG: Tiana Scott & Maureen Ebner
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Dominik Wlodarczyk and Ani Greenspan
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Emily Datte and Lea Jozefiak
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Emily Jackson & Lauren McManus
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Emily Sausman and Philip McGurk
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Emily Siok and Austin Alcantara
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Eric Replogle and Sarah Stover
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Erika Quimpo and Kaytie Barry
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Erin Griffon and Dana Graham
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Genevieve Fishman and Sarah Ellman
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Giorgionna Simco and William Denney
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Griffin Wenger and Mason Lee
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Hailey Barnhill & Halle Smith
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Haley Schreiner and Erin Reed
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Haley Toadvine and Ava Patterson
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Hannah de Groot and Miranda Byrne
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Hannah Ellingsworth and Jacob Heiser
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Hannah English and Amanda Mitchell
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Hannah Fecko and Alex Yuan
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Hannah Kahn and Jenna Janssen
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Hannah Lanzelotti and Clare Brennan
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Hannah Scibetta and Kathleen Mensing
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Hannah White and Devon Loftus
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Himani Pathak and Olivia Hale
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Hugh Curtin and Jess Maciejewski
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Ilana Deming and Jessica Blicht
2019/02/1502/15/2019 James White and Nicholas Appling
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Jared May and Jacob May
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Jenny Abrams and Danielle Brewi
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Jessica Glomb and Alyssa Annunziato
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Jessica Rutkoski and Madison McGraw
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Joel Clabaugh and Kaylee Read
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Julia Greco & Skylar Kulchinsky
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Julia Wursta and Madison King
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Julie DiStasi and Kerstyn Auman
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Julie Turano and Peter Spiridigliozzi
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Juliet Moor and Ashley Wong
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Justin Alboum and Justin Gorsuch
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Kaitlin Rowley & Joelle Gomez
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Kate Heasley and Isabella Salvi
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Kathryn Bagnardi and Stephanie Sixsmith
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Kathryn O'Hara and Julia Traub
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Kathryn Toth and Caroline Morris
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Katie Blankemeyer and Nick Pazuchanics
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Keir Degnan and Demarest Kenrick
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Kelly Klein and Paige Garapola
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Kelsey Hyde and Bri Wiegand
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Kelsey Mullen and Connor Mullen
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Kira Kullman and Hannah van de Stadt
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Kyle Madaio and Francis Bright
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Kyle Mullen and Megan McPaul
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Kylie Dunmire and Nicole Generose
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Kyra Scaliti and Abbygail Ward
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Labib Nazer and Fernando Robinson
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Lauren Dempsey and Jenner Stunkard
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Lauren Gries and Ryan Gries
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Lauren Lunde and Lindsay Eichhorn
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Lauren Saello & Rebecca Reeves
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Lauren Tomlinson and Grant Conway
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Leah Mckeon and Shannon Schubert
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Lindsay Buono and Olivia Gittens
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Lindsay Vannucci and Kristen Ziegler
2019/02/1502/15/2019 MacKenzie Sheetz and Halie Ralston
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Maddie Huffman and Lauren Eppley
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Madeleine Zalenski and Taylor Nargoski
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Madeline Hindermyer and Maci Russell
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Madeline Woody and Ashley Gutierrez
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Marissa Aranda and Morgan Weindel
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Melissa Durkin and Brandon Platzer
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Michael Healy and Mark Grandinetti (2019)
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Michaella Francis and Tiffany Cruickshank
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Michelle Dacal and Rachel Roberts
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Mikaela Seufer and Dylan Amin
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Morgan Flynn and Kylie Scovern
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Morgan Heiser and Courtney Rodrigues
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Morgan Herber and Jessica McNally
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Nick Phillips and Anna Hostert
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Nick Reinhart and Chely Miller (2019)
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Nicole Migliore and Laura Cardone
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Noorein Ahmed and Jackson Fitzgerald
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Patrick Jurewicz and Andrzelika Soltys
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Priya Patel and Michelle Taubman
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Rachel Brenner and Rebecca Morgan
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Rachel Runatz and Darcy Pacheco
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Rebecca Barnes and Emily Bradford
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Riju Vadher And Maria Webber
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Robbie Rockwell and Maura O'Brien
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Robert Philipps and Brett Dericks
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Ryan Darby & Andrew Buzzelli
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Sam Schmitt and Sarah Holtz
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Samantha Collina & Hannah Griffin
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Samantha Consoli & Molly Davis
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Samantha Milillo and Danielle Rodak
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Samantha Studer and Cassandra Kearns
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Samantha Zimmerman and Rina Manginelli
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Sara Butler and Chris Kent
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Sara Ghika and Abdelhady Abuolba
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Sara Mercogliano and Olivia Perlmutter
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Sarah Boyle and Aidan O'Shaughnessy
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Sarah Jobe and Devyn Sax
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Sarai Presman and Eric Myers
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Shannon O'Neal and Nadia Hashemi
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Soleil Nagoda and Sophia Riener
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Sophia Burghardt and Emily Garrison
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Stephen Caruso and Jaycie Adamski
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Sydney Pellegrini and Sabrina Pellegrini
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Tara Percival and Kristine Gilligan
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Taylor D'Anna & Erika Cristiano
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Taylor Evans and Rachel Patel
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Tess Petak and Ryan Salamo
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Tyler Buban and Rachel Coblentz
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Victoria Walsh and Chirose DiPiano- Maryak
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Zach Freedman and Matt Ramjit
2019/02/1502/15/2019 Zoe Kornspan and Kelly Contino

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