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Date Event
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Abigail Ellington and Jordan Mazzanti (2018)
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Alaina Carney and Chris Chavez
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Alexa Hughes and Taryn Ryan
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Alexandra DiJohn and Margot Weitz
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Alexi Zacarias and Vanessa Phillips (2018)
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Alisha Cannizzaro and Bailey Gulley
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Alyson Bogart and Danielle Pestyner
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Alyssa Palfey and Ally Voegeli
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Amanda Martin and Valerie Pascoe
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Anna D'Alleva and Jamie Kellenbach
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Anthony Vizza and Nick Darr (2018)
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Antonia Ertman and Kelly Yoast
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Blake Milbrand and Clayton Frey
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Caitlyn Ramirez and Rachel Coval (2018)
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Carissa Gaasche and Olivia Christian
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Carly Smith and Allison Weston
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Chace Brokaw and Katelyn Morrison
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Charles Johnson and Bradley Zanette
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Claire Schmitt and Christopher Stine
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Danielle Metzger & Sarah Leipham
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Dean Vetere and TJ Gallagher
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Diana Carl and Lauren McGregor
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Drianna Buonocore and Kristen Topoleski
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Emilie Gazzerro and Kim Cangelosi
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Emily Bickle and Caren Levin
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Emily Gerspach and Courtney Farrell
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Emily Grecco and Leona Kogan
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Eric Wildemann and Annelise Tarafase
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Erica Maddox and Jordan Boston (2018)
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Evan Dadswell and Hannah Chamberlain
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Gabriella Sichenze and Christian Amplo
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Gabrielle Joachim and Christine Sikora
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Haley Sanders and Helena Androvic
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Hannah McDonnell and Molly McLaughlin
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Hannah Wesley and Kristina Brackpool
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Help Alex & Kelsie Independently Dance
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Jacqueline Grech and Catherine Tizzano (2018)
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Jennifer Cave and Rachel Weintraub
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Jennifer Consiglio and Allison Seguinot
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Jennifer Friel and Emily Nix
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Jennifer Lara and Ava Lutz
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Jeremy Diamond & Sarah Hertenberger (IDC 2178)
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Jessica Gazzani and Taylor Donahue (2018)
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Jessica Rothbard and Deryn Lynch
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Jillian Gonzalez and Brittany Sharkey
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Jillian House and Olivia Debellis
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Julia Magowan and Zachary Wilder
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Kailyn Gomez and Morgan Hamerman
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Kaitlyn Middleton and Cassandra Oresko
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Kaitlyn Muir and Carly Frisby
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Kathryn Vandergast and Jacqulyn Sever
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Katie Kaminsky and Sarah Murray
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Katie Scarlett Loughlin and Shea McKinstry
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Kay Allan and Emily Edwards
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Kayla Czekaj and Zachary Firestine
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Keeley Foor and Amanda Carre
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Kendra Reed and Tayler Thorne
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Kristen Sears and Kyra Ebersole
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Kylie Kuhns and Christina Moody
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Lara Pasko and Marissa Marino
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Lauren Muszynski and Kendra Snyder
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Logan Jarratt and Rachel Walsh
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Maclaine Funsch and Brittney Sandler
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Madi Pugh and Megan Lawn
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Madison Greenfield and Alexis DePasqua
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Marie Milanovich and Maddie Faust
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Marissa Aranda and Rebecca Amendola
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Marissa Burks and Katherine Twomey
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Marissa Tavaglione and Megan Robert
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Maura Ellsworth and Tyler Akers
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Maureen Ebner and Tiana Scott
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Megan Bradley and Sydnie Dempelein
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Megan Mensch and Lauren Litwak (2018)
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Meghan Boccella and Jamie Sellinger
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Melissa Keuler and Madison Staub
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Mia Dandrea and Gabrielle Nehr
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Natalie Blanock and Andrew Sgalia
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Nathalie Korchak and Nader Abdelnour (2018)
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Nicole Bianco and Marissa Fox
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Paige Hammond and Taylor Francis (2018)
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Preeti Patel and Anuj Shelat
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Rowan Pallis and Jack Pallis
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Sarah Rainey and Alyssa Rodzinak
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Sean Parahus and John Gaspich
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Sebastian Micheo and Melissa Shaw
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Stephanie Gans and Maytal Bowman
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Tara Rogers and Renee Richardson
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Taylor Noll and Brook Shoop
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Teri Vieira and Sadie McHale
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Teri Vieira and Sadie McHale
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Tim Feng and Christine Guza (2018)
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Tracey Tardif and Kristin McKeown (2018)
2018/02/1602/16/2018 Vanessa Augello and Talia Botto

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