Bee House

Join us on February 15, 2019


Be a volunteer, be a leader, be the change.

Bee House is a Special Interest (SI) Organization devoted to fundraising for Penn State’s IFC/Pan-Hellenic Dance marathon. Known for having the largest, student-run philanthropy in the world, Penn State has partnered with the Hershey Children’s Hospital to raise money for pediatric cancer through the Four Diamonds Fund. With all fundraising efforts culminating in a 46-hour dance marathon, affectionately known as THON, Bee House’s small, family oriented organization is making strides in their growing efforts “For The Kids.” 
Over the years, Bee House has become a contender amongst other SI Organizations and has raised over $200K for the cause. Coming in the top ten organizations in their category in 2014, Bee House’s hard work and dedication continues to grow. With inspiration from their THON families, the JordanLee Waldenberger family and William Sweger family, our organization’s year round fundraising efforts keep us connected to our service and social justice roots.





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