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The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Student Council benefiting THON is a family of students, alumni, faculty, staff, and supporters. As an extension of the intrinsic passion and close-knit community the college, members serve as outstanding leaders at Penn State by excelling academically while providing dedicated support to THON, the Four Diamonds Fund, and famlies whose lives have been touched by pediatric cancer. We provide our adopted families with emotional stability and build relationships that we will cherish far into the future. Our unwavering commitment keeps us motivated to fundraise relentessly and honorably, while remembering what THON is truly about: helping the familes. WE ARE One College, One Love, One Fight.



Lynn, Butch, Troy, Tommy, Danielle, LeLand, Logan, Layton, Sonny, Patti, and Nana
Fredericksburg, PA

The Brewers became our first THON family paired with our organization in 2004. Our organization was graced with an entire household of love. Lynn and Butch, strong loving parents, their two close friends Sonny and Patti, Lynn's caring mother Nana, their two sons, Troy and Tommy, and now Tommy's wife Danielle and their two children, LeLand and Logan. The Brewers were paired with our THON organization when Troy was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma at fourteen years old. He was a spitfire teenager who loved hunting and sweet-talkin

g the ladies (all his nurses included). Somehow, while receiving treatment at Hershey Medical Center, he was always able to convince the nurses to let him pull whatever trick he had up his sleeve that day. Troy became a part of our family, and we are a part of his. Our members would make frequent visits with the Brewers. It's no surprise that Troy was always sweet-talking our female members and joking around with the guys. He loved to make others smile and laugh. Troy passed away from pediatric cancer in March of 2006, after living a fuller life than many older men. The Brewers and our organization were devastated, but with Troy passing it was never more clear to our organization how important it is for us to THON. We THON every day in Troy's memory. We THON to keep his smile alive, and to protect other families from having to experience what Butch and Lynn have gone through.









Lisa, Ryan, Moriah, Lauren, Michael, Anna, Joey, Christopher, Matthew, and Jonathan

Greencastle, PA

The Woods became our organizationā€™s second family in spring of 2006. In addition to the Brewers, we have the loving parents Lisa and Ryan, a

nd their EIGHT children Moriah, Lauren, Michael, Anna, Andrew, Christopher, Matthew, and Jonathan! The Woods have adopted us into their family, having as many as 30 of us over at a time. We frequently visit for birthday parties, canning weekends, long weekends, and to baby-sit. Their son, Michael, had pediatric cancer, and is now 10 years cancer free! He is a fun-loving, laid-back fifteen year old, with a huge personality. EMS has been lucky enough to get to know all of the Woods children, and we cherish our relationships with each of them. With the Woods, we celebrate life, progress, and health. We THON so other families can have the blessing that the Woods had with Michael, and so families can experience the love the Woods share every day. We THON so one day, every THON family can celebrate their child being cancer free.













Michelle, Jeff, Ian, Jordan, and Jackson

Mount Joy, PA

The Hollinger family was paired with our organization in 2013. We were so lucky to receive two more loving parents, Jeff and Michelle, their sons Ian, Jordan, and Jackson, and of course, their cats (five) as well! On July 13th, 2012, Jackson was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Fortunately, by August of the same year, Jackson was in remission, but his treatment was far from over. Three years later, on Thursday, November 12th, Jackson finished his last chemo treatment! We stood with him as he rang the bell to symbolize the conclusion of pediatric cancer treatment! Though he still goes to Hershey for appointments, the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight for the Hollingers. Jackson shows us the true meaning of strength as he continues to fight through his long treatment process. As we get to know the Hollingers, they are a constant reminder that "THON is today." Cancer doesn't take holidays, it is present and kids are fighting every day. We THON for the health and happiness of the kids currently undergoing treatment. We THON today, so they can laugh and play tomorrow and for years to come.














Anna, Jeff, and Emily

The Robisons are the newest edition to our EMS Family after being paired with us in 2015. After heading to kindergarten registration Emily was emitted to the ER for blood work and the results showed that her white blood cell count was high and that she could have leukemia. Emily was diagnosed with Acute Lymphopblastic Leukemia (ALL) in 2015, but did not let the cancer bother her and she officially rang the bell at Hershey on May 21, 2017! She is now a helathy, happy 8 year old who continues to inspire both her family 

and everyone else in her life with her smile, positive attitude, and strength to endure anything that comes her way. Emily is doing amazing now! She takes piano lessons and is an all star at softball. She is also one of the most caring and compassionate selfless people we know. Emily loves Frozen, hula hooping, and country music and rocks her cowboy boots at every THON event! We frequently visit the Robisons to play school in Emily's room, run around with her two dogs, Bruce and Maya, and play boys vs. girls capture the flag in her backyard. The Robisons empower us to work tirelessly to ensure that every kid has the childhood they deserve and so we can one day dance (and hula hoop) in celebration!

Since our birth in 2003, we have had many sucessful years at THON. Since then we have raised over $700,000 For The Kids. Donate now to continue fighting for our four families and all of those affected by childhood cancer. "One day we will dance in celebration, until then WE WILL DANCE FOR A CURE!"


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